4270 Shingle Springs Drive

Shingle Springs CA 95682

(530) 677-1875

Wednesday Club, an after-school program of Discovery Hills Church, exists to see students from Buckeye Elementary School improve their overall performance at school in pursuit of a brighter future, and most importantly to come to a saving belief in Jesus Christ for the glory of His name.    The goals of this program are as follows: 

  1. To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a powerful and life-changing way.
  2. To show the love of Jesus Christ to students and their families through our service in the club.
  3. To leave students with the impression that church is a loving, fun, safe place.  
  4. To see students and parents come to a saving belief in Jesus Christ.
  5. To help students complete their homework every Wednesday.
  6. To motivate students to improve their behavior at school.
  7. To see students progress in their school work leading to future success.
  8. To ensure that students are well nourished one night a week.
  9. To make a positive impact on the students’ families, community, and Buckeye School.

Junior high and high school students are invited to join us in pursuing these goals by applying for our Student Leader program.   Student Leaders should be junior high and high school students who understand what we are trying to accomplish in this program and desire to help us achieve those goals.   They should also be good role models for the students in the program.    This means that they are young men and women who are followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, maintain good grades and behavior both in school and out, refrain from drugs, alcohol, and other harmful behaviors, and demonstrate a genuine love for the students in our program.   

If you would like to be a Wednesday Club Student Leader simply fill out the attached application.  Any questions regarding the program may be directed to the contacts below.

Christopher Feigles 530-409-2437

Lauren Prichard 530-409-7284